Journal of Learning and Instructional Studies is devoted to publishing accounts of research covering all aspects of learning and instructional on early childhood through the college; in technologically rich or lean environments; and/or in informal, nonformal, and formal learning contexts. The journal seeks to include submissions that take a critical approach towards all aspects of learning, teaching, behavioral processes, and instruction - primarily from the interdisciplinary perspective but still emphasizes educational practice or in which learning occurs.

In most of the papers we publish, this consideration is achieved through the use of theoretical or methodological conceptions on research areas relevant to the journal include, but are not limited the following topics of interest:

  1. Learning theory in practice.
  2. Individual differences and learning.
  3. Learning processes and learning environments.
  4. Improving study skills.
  5. Advance’s technology, media, and learning.
  6. Teaching preparation and performance.
  7. Cultural Influences on the learning.
  8. The organizational aspects of teaching.
  9. Learning disorder and their treatment.

[LAST UPDATE!] -- 13 April 2021